Developing an Online Continuing Education Library for the General Services Administration (GSA)


Meet The Client: GSA

The General Services Administration’s primary mission is to support and manage day-to-day operations of other U.S. federal government agencies.

The Administration’s 12,000 employees across the country provide a variety of services, such as building and transportation management, procurement and training.


The Client’s Goals and Challenges

The Administration was looking to consolidate their fractured training offerings into a single user-friendly, automated, remote-capable education platform that:

  • Houses their FAC-P/PM and FAC-COR professional development opportunities under one roof
  • Captures a variety of disciplines, such as facilities management, leasing, project management, design and construction personnel
  • Accommodates the Administration’s diverse training needs in a scalable, user-friendly package

Our Solution

We delivered an all-inclusive eLearning library that:

  • Includes 1,900+ self-placed courses and webinars
  • Offers professional development and technical training for the personnel that need to complete the mandatory 80 annual hours of training for the FAC-P/PM and FAC-COR certifications
  • Offers professional development hours for the Federal Building Personnel training Act FBPTA requirement
  • Eliminates the need to procure numerous training programs for each job title from different vendors
  • Allows the Administration to monitor trainee activity at the regional level and ensure that each user is meeting their training requirements

The Results?

We have achieved the following results over a five-year period:

  • 500+ employees trained
  • 7,000+ Professional Development Hours earned
  • 4,500+ Courses completed