Providing Tarrant County Comprehensive Compliance and Professional Development Solutions


Meet The Client: Tarrant County Human Resources Workforce Development

Tarrant County Human Resources Workforce Development plays a pivotal role in policy administration and fostering strategic partnerships. The department is committed to cultivating a working culture that emphasizes wellness, diversity, and professional growth for all Tarrant County employees.


The Client’s Goals and Challenges

Tarrant County Human Resources Workforce Development aimed to accomplish the following key goals and challenges:

  • Satisfy county compliance training requirements for managers and all county employees
  • Provide staff with ample opportunities for professional and personal training and development


Our Solution

To address Tarrant County’s goals and challenges effectively, we provided a comprehensive course library in AICC/SCORM format, seamlessly integrated with the county’s Success Factors learning management system (LMS). Our all-inclusive library of eLearning courses covered a diverse range of topics, including compliance training such as harassment prevention and workplace safety, as well as various business and professional development subjects.

A subset of users gained access to the courses through our hosted LMS solution, offering the added convenience of on-demand learning via mobile devices, allowing for learning on-the-go.


The Results

Tarrant County now possesses a time- and cost-efficient solution that enables the seamless delivery of annual compliance training tailored for both managers and the general workforce. By offering a wide array of eLearning courses, Tarrant County’s employees have access to professional and personal development opportunities, contributing to a workforce that is equipped to grow and excel in their roles. The comprehensive training resources we provide empower Tarrant County to fulfill its commitment to fostering a culture of excellence, wellness, and continual improvement for its employees.