SLCGP Program Overview

In September 2022, the DHS unveiled the SLCGP, dedicating $1 billion over four years to enhance cybersecurity across state, local, and territorial governments.

The Challenge
Many local governments face a critical challenge: securing their digital landscapes with limited resources. Cyber threats are evolving rapidly, leaving vulnerable systems exposed. As these threats become more complex, the gap between risk and readiness widens, necessitating urgent action and strategic investment in cybersecurity resilience. Through the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program, there is now a pivotal opportunity for these governments to bolster their defenses and safeguard their communities.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Training for SLCGP Compliance

Enterprise Training Solutions delivers targeted training to meet SLCGP requirements, enhancing cybersecurity readiness across the public sector

Customizable training programs addressing specific cybersecurity risks and threats, tailored to the needs of public sector information systems.


Most Popular Classes
CompTIA Security+CISSP
Ethical Hacking
Wireless/Mobile Security
General Security Awareness
Penetration Testing
Forensics Examination Methodology
And More...


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